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Making Matcha

Matcha has many uses and nutritional benefits.

To make matcha use: Dr. Smoothie/Café Essentials

12oz: 1/3 cup of powder
16oz: ½ cup of powder


16oz: 6 TBSP or 1.5 63cc Scoops

Making a matcha latte

* Steam the desired amount of milk and the matcha together * Fill your cup and enjoy

Making Iced Matcha

* Steam together the desired amount of matcha and milk
* Fill your cup with 2/3 ice and pour over you steamed matcha mix * Enjoy!

Matcha Cocoa:

* Prepare your hot cocoa as instructed.
* Add the desired amounts of matcha to your hot cocoa and stir.

Vanilla Cream Matcha:

* Add 1tbsp of vanilla syrup to your milk and steam
* Stir the appropriate amount of matcha into your steamed milk * Top with whipped cream and dust with matcha powder for decoration

Vegan Matcha

* Replace the milk in the recipe with a milk alternative such as almond, coconut, oat, or soy.

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