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Making Matcha

Matcha has many uses and nutritional benefits.

To make matcha use: Dr. Smoothie/Café Essentials

12oz: 1/3 cup of powder
16oz: ½ cup of powder


16oz: 6 TBSP or 1.5 63cc Scoops

Making a matcha latte

* Steam the desired amount of milk and the matcha together * Fill your cup and enjoy

Making Iced Matcha

* Steam together the desired amount of matcha and milk
* Fill your cup with 2/3 ice and pour over you steamed matcha mix * Enjoy!

Matcha Cocoa:

* Prepare your hot cocoa as instructed.
* Add the desired amounts of matcha to your hot cocoa and stir.

Vanilla Cream Matcha:

* Add 1tbsp of vanilla syrup to your milk and steam
* Stir the appropriate amount of matcha into your steamed milk * Top with whipped cream and dust with matcha powder for decoration

Vegan Matcha

* Replace the milk in the recipe with a milk alternative such as almond, coconut, oat, or soy.

Making The Perfect Blended Drink

Avoid cakey, unwanted powder in the blender bowl by following these simple rules.

  1. Add your liquid to the blender first.
  2. Add the powder next.  This gives the powder a chance to hydrate in the liquid.  If the powder is added to the top of the ice, it does not have a chance to hydrate and it gets thrown to the sides of the blender in the processing.
  3. Add the right kind of ice.  The ice quality will make a difference in the finished products consistency.
  4. Blend for the correct amount of time.  Don’t stop the blender too early.