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    • Medium-bodied with delicate floral notes and spice.  Also available in Organic. (Roasted Dark)
    • Mild acidity, medium body, dark chocolate, dried fruit, caramel, very smooth and silky coffee. (Roasted Dark)
    • (Organic only) – Simple, medium-bodied with chocolate and caramel notes. (Roasted Medium)
    • Soft, mild, slightly nutty with low acidity. (Roasted Light & Medium)
    • A classic!  Smooth, balanced, and nutty. (Roasted Light, Medium, & Dark)
    • (Organic only) – Balanced with subtle chocolate flavors, light body, and medium acidity. (Roasted Medium)
    • Balanced and sweet, with hints of nuts and chocolate. Also available in Organic. (Roasted Medium)
    • Widely considered the birthplace of coffee. It’s rich and fruity with hints of blueberry. (Roasted Medium & Medium-Dark)
    • Well-rounded with a hint of berry. Some find it similar to Kona. (Roasted Light)
    • Smooth and silky with a bit of acidity. (Roasted Light & Dark)
    • Bold, earthy, and smoky with a heavy body and low acidity. (Roasted Dark)


      • Using premium quality beans, this is a great shot that appeals to a wide variety of customers and is easy to pull.
      • A very popular espresso among our customers.  A darker blend, when pulled correctly you will find it smooth and complex with the perfect amount of crema.
      • for those customers looking for a bold flavor with less caffeine.
      • A bright, fruity, flavorful espresso for those looking for something different.  A blend of five different beans roasted very light to bring out the acidity and fruit flavors.


      • Our most popular.  Smooth, balanced, medium bodied with full but subtle flavors.
      • The bright acidity comes from a blend of light and medium roasted beans. This blend has a medium body with a smooth yet complex flavor profile.
      • Guatemala SWP, Honduras Organic SWP, Peru Organic SWP
      • Medium bodied, bold, and earthy with a slight sweetness and hint of berries. Medium Acidity.
      • Bright and refreshing with a slightly cocoa and sweet aftertaste. Great for Summer!


Guatemala SWP, Honduras Organic SWP, Peru Organic SWP


      • Dark Chocolate, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Jamaican Me Crazy®, Jamaican Me Nuts®, Snickercookie, Tiramisu
      • Amaretto, Banana Nut, Blueberry Crumble, Southern Pecan, Vermont Maple Nut, White Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Almond, Crème Brulee
      • Spiced Butter Rum, Pumpkin Spice, Fireside Marshmallow, French Apple Crumb Cake, Frostys Favorite®.