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Chicago Coffeefest Spring 2015



  1. Be unique to the culture of your customer base.  Focus on what is important to your customer, both in taste and environmnet.

  2. Get the loyal customer and KEEP them.  Learn their name and their tastes.  Loyalty cards are a must, as well.

  3. Educate the customer and show them you are the expert.  Know your products and be able to suggest a drink with asked.

  4. Market as LOCAL

  5. Do something different and unique to make you stand out, especially for a print article, blog post, or Yelp.  A cool peice of art, special seating arrangements, meeting spaces, or fun activies will get their attention.

  6. Take advantage of you ability to adapt quickly.  Plan and implement programs, marketing, and menu changes quickly.  Also, be willing to abandon a program or product that is not working.  We call this 'failing fast'.  There is no reason to continue to throw money at something that does not work.



  1. A Good Business Plan. Have a plan that includes financials, menu, style/ambiance, short and long term goals.Set and follow a budget!

  2. Understand Coffee.Learn all aspects, from seed to cup and have the ability to pass this information on your customers in a simple, understandable way.Stay on top of coffee issues and trends.

  3. Great Location/Great Lease.Keep in mind that foot traffic can be as important and even more important than car count (unless you are a drive-thru, of course).

  4. Strong Ergonomic Design.Design so the work-flow is efficient, but friendly.Focus on customer queuing and experience.

  5. Ambiance.Make your shop have a lasting impression on your customers.Make it unique with design, materials, signage or a focal piece that is reflective of the area you live in or your shops style.

  6. Menu.Do it right!Use high quality ingredients, and know your food costs to price your menu properly.Have a detailed plan on how to execute the menu flawlessly, over and over.

  7. Employees.Hire carefully and train extensively.

  8. Exceptional Customer Service.Lead by example.Hire on personality and teach the service.

  9. Coffee.Offer the best coffee you can.Know your product, proper brewing/extraction methods AND your roaster.

  10. Marketing.Use all platforms of social media.Try ‘refer a friend’ or align with other businesses in your neighborhood.Maximize your POS system.


Dr. Smoothie now in STOCK

After several customer requests we decided it is time to stock the most popular flavors of Dr. Smoothie smoothie mixes in both the Classic and 100% Crushed versions.

-100% Crushed options have no added sugars which gives them a more true-to-nature flavor.  Just what you savvy, health conciouse customer is looking for.  Available as special order in just 2 weeks.

-Classic flavors are slightly sweeter and make the perfect treat to any consumer.  Add a hint of vanilla powder or yogurt powder to make it a creamy option.  Stocked flavors include; Banana, Four Berry, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry.

Other flavors are available as a special order.

Making the Perfect Blended Drink

Avoid cake-y, unwanted powder in the blender bowl by following these simple rules.

-Add your liquid to the blender first.

-Add the powder next.  This gives the powder a chance to hydrate in the liquid.  If the powder is added to the top of the ice, it does not have a chance to hydrate and it gets thrown to the sides of the blender in the processing.

-Add the right kind of ice.  The ice quality will make a difference in the finished products consistancy.

-Blend for the correct amount of time.  Don't stop the blender to early.

What's Hot: the Culinary Forecast for 2014

Some of the top trends as printed by the National Restaurant Association from a survey of professional chefs. 

-Dessert items: Hybrid (2 favorites mixed, ie. cronut), savory, artisan ice cream.

-Breakfast: Ethinc dishes, egg white sandwiches, greek yogurt parfaits.

-Beverages: House-made soft drinks, gourmet lemonade, coconut water, specialty/flavored iced teas, ethinic insipred, and dairy-free options.

-Other: Farm/estate branded foods, non-wheat products, natural sweetners, artisian bacon and jerkys.

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What's New



Dr Smoothie Classic and 100% Crushed fruit smoothies.  Stocking a wide variety of flavors.


Third Street Chai.  A Colorado company making simple, but flavorful Chai's.  Currently stock Honey & Vanilla, and Spicy.