• Colombian - A classic!  Smooth, balanced and nutty.
  • Guatemalan - Medium bodied with delicate floral notes and spice.
  • Sumatra - Bold, earthy and smokey with a heavy body and low acitdity.
  • Costa Rica - Smooth and silky with a bit of acidity.
  • Panama - Well-rounded with a hint of berry. Some find it similar to Kona.
  • Ethiopian - Widely considered the birthplace of coffee.  Its rich and fruity with hints of blueberry.
  • Mexican - Balanced and sweet, with hints of nuts and chocolate.
  • Peru - Balanced with subtle flavors, light body and medium acidity.
  • Brazil - Soft, mild, slightly nutty with low acidity.
  • El Salvador - Simple, medium bodied with chocolate and caramel notes.

                      ask about our Organically Grown selections (as they may vary)



  • Benevento - A very popular espresso among our customers.  A darker blend, when pulled correctly you will find it smooth and complex with the perfect amount of crema.
  • SPC House Espresso - Using premium quality beans, this is a great shot that appeals to a wide varitey of customers and is easy to pull.
  • Espresso X - Our newest blend.  This has hints of spice with a bold flavor that stands up in an latte or cappucino.
  • Decaf Espresso - for those customers looking for a bold flavor with less caffiene.
  • White Espresso - a bright, fruity, flavorful espresso for those looking for something different.  A blend of five different beans roasted very light to bring out the acidity and fruit flavors. 



  • Breakfast - The bright acidity comes from a blend of light and medium roasted beans.  This blend has a medium body with a smooth yet complex flavor profile.
  • House - Our most popular.  Smooth, balanced, medium bodied with full but subtle flavors.
  • West Peak - Our newest blend of organically grown beans.  This blend is lighter but with a well-rounded body and gentle sweetness. 


  • Guatemalan
  • Peru Organic SWP
  • Brazil (limited availability)



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